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The Joy of Laser Cutting

The Joy of Laser Cutting is a website designed to introduce laser cutting to artists. The goal of this site is to encourage creative engagement with laser cutters by educating and inspiring creative practitioners with the possibilities that this technology offers. The site contains 9 step-by-step “recipes” for making different fake foods using a variety of laser cutting techniques. Users can follow these recipes to learn the fundamentals of laser cutting, but are also encouraged to improvise, tweak, and make substitutions and they see fit.


This project grew out of my own experience as an artist looking to engage with laser cutting. Looking online, I had trouble finding resources and information that spoke to my interests & motivations as an artist. With the Joy of Laser Cutting I wanted to create a resource that covered all the basics for working with laser cutting and that did so in a bright and playful way. 


The Joy of Laser Cutting was developed as part of my Master's Thesis at OCAD University, December 2017. 

See photos from the thesis exhibition here.

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